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    We talked a lot about Mello. It's about time we talk about Near, too. I belive it's important to focus once again on Near and Mello's meeting. Even though, Climax already summed it up, I bring everything up again with more details about their very first discussion.
    When Mello hit Near, he did indeed shoot a glare at him, but so did Near. Linda only made the greetings and told Mello that they will get along well because Near was also sharp as him. They didn't even shake hands. He just said "maybe". Then, Linda left them alone and Near looked at the tall blond boy before him with curiosity. That made Mello uncomfortable, even though he is an extrovert. I'm recreating their conversation here:

    "Aren't you going to pick up your pu-"
    "Are you the first ranked child in this orphanage?"
Near's eyes stood still on Mello's face. 
    Mello frowned. He didn't know what he was playing at. "Yes, what about it?"
    "I heard your name is known and I wanted to be sure the rumour about you being the best is valid."
    Near started to play with his hair and Mello grinned at the word "the best". "When you hear rumours about me, is better to check directly at the source."
    "I did so. You seem pleased, but not too confident."
    "Enough with this fake friendly talk. What is it that you want?" Mello, by Near's attitude, knew that something was not right. This figure was awfully strange and he was waiting for Mello to be his prey. Deadly eyes, deadly expression and shades of "innocence".
    Near stopped curling his hair to speak. "I consider your behaviour too chaotic and too self-absorbed to deserve the title of L's successor."
    I guess you could imagine Mello boiling of anger and ripping Near's skin off. However, again, at that time, Mello didn't have anger issues. He felt irritated and bit his lip.
    "Our conversation just started. You can't possibly know me from 3 sentences or so." As Mello spoke, Near started to pick up his puzzle and Mello helped him get all the pieces except one he hid in his pocket. "Also, it's rather mean to state such things without considering the other's possible reaction."
    "Mean?" The white figure looked up at Mello.
    "I worked hard for this title. I deserve it more than anyone else. I cannot accept such a comment from someone who's not even as prepared as me."
    "According to your vocabulary, mean means stating untrue things about an individual. In this case, you've been mean to me, too. If I wasn't good enough, I wouldn't be here now."
    "I've been mean to you because I wanted to be even. Excuse me now, there is no longer a point in speaking to each other."

    The elegant, sassy British style of leaving. Mello left the room and Near watched him until he was no longer in his visual area. I talked with Mels on the hallway right afterwards. He told me he's slightly pissed because "some no one dared to doubt his intelligence due to his active socializing".
    The next day, Near was placed in the same class with me and Mello. It was strange because Near was two years younger than Mello. We didn't know this aspect back then, but it still feels weird to have worked hard two more years to be in that class and Near comes in without raising a finger.
    Now, I'll explain Wammy's structure. It's divided in three main profiles:
    Profile C: Art. Classes: Sketches (mostly portraits - Linda was assigned here), Design, Architecture.
    Profile B: Literature. Classes: Novels, Poetry and Drama.
    Profile A: Masterminds. Children who lack a brilliant logic. Classes: Mathematics, Computers and Physics. Me, Mello, Near and Climax are on this profile. However, Climax is on the Physics side while the other three of us are in the special class for L's successors.
    Near stood in front of Mello as the class begin. I saw Mello wasn't interested in the reason why he was here with us. However, when the teacher asked a question which was rather difficult to answer, both Near and Mello's hands raised simultaneously. The teacher let Mello speak first. Mello's argument had holes in it. When Near spoke, he gave an argument which was followed by examples of situations in which it is valid. It was, pretty much, the opposite of Mello's theory. Nobody dared to tell Mello that he's wrong (and even come with reasons).The teacher agreed that Near's statement was correct. All the other thirteen kids (including me) looked at them and thought something was fishy.

    The next day we had some sort of test based on the other day's lecture and discussion. Even though, we gave our own opinions in class, during the test you had to explain everything from the point of view considered correct by the teacher (which was, in fact, Near's statement). You had to agree with it and give pro arguments. What Mello did was, well, agree in the beginning (because that's how you start it) and come with cons to it. I laughed a lot when he told me how embarrassed he felt after he gave that paper away. That test was more like a revision. It wasn't a big deal, but it did make Mello uneasy. It was the first time he wasn't sure of himself.
    After a week, we had a maths test. The teacher gave our papers back and Mello smiled at it. He thought he had the highest score and then, one of the kids alongside Near asked him what score he got and he handed over his test. When Mello saw it, he froze. Mello got 97 points and Near got 100 points. Mello stood there in his seat shaking and shivering. After about two minutes, someone asked what was the highest score. Mello clenched his fists and asked to go to the toilet. I went after him five minutes later.
    He threw up and stood on the cold floor. "Mello.." I turned him to face me and saw he was crying.
    "Nothing happened." He said as he slapped my hand away. "You don't have to come after me."
    I sighed as I was thinking how to be gentle with this subject. "You know you are the best." I hoped it would comfort him, but it didn't work out well.
    "Not any more.. He was first. He-" I felt the need to cut him off.
    "It's just a test, the beginner's luck."
    It wasn't luck. It wasn't what the teacher fancied more. Mello knew it. Other tests came and Mello was second. He worked all the night and everything was in vain. It was settled that Near is L's successor and Mello cried every single night because of it. He had nightmares from which he always woke up to meet another one. The only thought that made Mello keep working was that when L spoke to us, he said it's not about numbers but about logic and manner of doing things. Mello becoming the next L was still possible. That made him regain his posture.
    I remember when Mello hit Near for the first time. I remember everybody thought he was dead. Maybe he actually was. He lost his consciousness and his memory.
Mello fell asleep by Lonelinessxo3
Mello fell asleep
I thought I should stop thinking about the next chapter of "This is Wammy's House" to draw this. It's not perfect and I never meant to make it perfect. I hope you like it.
    Folks, let's have a filler chapter. How does it sound? Boring? It won't be like a Naruto filler episode, so stay chill. I want to talk about Mello's love life. Everybody is interested to know what kind of lover would Mello be. Since Mello is aggressive, most of the guys here think he'd be a rough guy, especially in bed. They even made a joke about it: "If Mello's straight, that Barbie will kill our sluts".
    At Wammy's, we made a rule that if you don't have a girlfriend at the age of 12, you're a loser. Since the title wasn't enough, those boys without a girlfriend will be chased by stupid girls for our entertainment. The girl who was in our generation and stupid was Linda. She was the one supposed to chase the losers, but the rule was erased because she had a crush on Near. She would never consider getting close to any other boys in a romantic way, even though she is usually spending her time with crowds.
    What does this have to do with Mello? Well, if the rule was still in place, Mello would've been a loser. No one saw Mello with a girl in private, so everybody assumed he failed to get a girl because he was a girl himself. However, Mello was actually in love with a girl. Her name was Lucy. She was the same age as Mello and very cute. She had brown curly hair and her lips were a shy pink. I don't know the colour of her eyes. That's due to the fact that I'd be beaten by Mello if he found out I got any closer to her. She was bright. She was in the top 10 Wammy geniuses.
    Mello was in love with her for quite a while. There were times when I stayed with Mello outside under a tree yawning in the evening and I'd be talking and Mello's attention would be fixed on Lucy's curls. She caught Mello looking at her few times, but all she did was smile, blush and wave at him. When he waves back I know that whatever I'd say wouldn't count. It was good to know that she wasn't the type to socialize a lot. But, unfortunately, that was also the reason she was bullied sometimes. Mello was always there somewhere to kick them away. She usually thanks him for help, but when she wants to say something else, Mello runs away- as a "my job is done here".
    To make a connection with the previous chapter, while Mello stood in the cabinet, Lucy went to check on him. Mello's eyes widen and he blushed a little when he saw her. The nurse allowed her to talk with him and let them alone. I bet Mello was very happy. After a couple days, I found it hard to find Mello. At first, I thought he went in the woods again when, in reality, he was walking with Lucy. They were holding hands. Neither of them wanted to be seen by anybody so they stood by the fence where they were hidden by trees. There was also a bench they moved farther in the hidden area. That was their special place. Once, I climbed a tree there and waited for them. I watched them as they sat, talked and smiled at each other. They exchanged sandwiches and Mello gave her his chocolate. Even I smiled seeing them like this. 'That is real love' is what I thought.
    Everyone expects that Mello would always kiss her. Nope, if you thought that, you're wrong. When I spied on them, I think Mello noticed someone was watching since they ate and left the place earlier than usually. I didn't catch them kissing, not even on cheek. One night, Mello walked her to his room- Near wasn't there anymore, took both her hands in his and pecked her lips. That was the one and only time Mello kissed her. What happened afterwards is more sad.
    They were fine until the day Lucy was adopted. In the morning of that day, a couple who couldn't have children because the woman had issues down there, picked Lucy to be their daughter. Lucy didn't want to be adopted, but Roger said she'd finally have people to love her. What I find stupid in this is that she was bright and she actually had a chance to become the next L and the fact that she's adopted will forbid her from taking her deserved inheritance. L's inheritance must be made of millions of pounds and she's not getting anything.
    She wanted to tell Mello about what was going on, but she couldn't find him. Mello was also looking for her because she was late at their special place. Since neither could find the other, she left Wammy's House without saying goodbye to him. She knew that will hurt him just as much as it hurts her, but there was no chance for them to be together no matter what they'd do.
    Imagine how was Mello when I told him about it. He stood on the bench to wait for her a while longer. I came to him and Mello didn't expect me to find him this easily. He allowed me to speak first. "She's gone." He looked at me trying to understand what I said. "She was adopted this morning. She left Wammy's." Mello gasped and widen his eyes. He turned pale. He couldn't believe it. He was stiffen a few moments and then he ran in his room. He started crying and didn't stop until he was exhausted. When he stopped, he tried to wash his face and come back to normal. Near entered his room and told him: "It's for the better. You will be more focused now. You weren't meant to be stuck in emotional moods." It did sound as if Near planned it all, but no matter what, Lucy was indeed everyone's first choice of child. Mello snapped and took Near's hair and hit his head in the wall leaving him with a trail of blood as Mello ran to find a place where he could cry in peace.
    There are two things that matter to Mello: Lucy and beating Near. Now, since the half that gave him hope is gone, Mello focused on what he's got left. Mello was angrier than before, more motivated and extremely dangerous. His rage came back worse than before. He didn't want to fool around- even though, he never did that. Everything turned to "normal".

    Well, a little big time skip now, few weeks ago, Mello gained a huge ugly burn on the left side of his face. He told me to watch everyone's actions- everyone implied in the Kira investigation. But, I got bored. So typical of me. I tried to look for Lucy. I hacked in Roger's computer at Wammy's to see who adopted her and her full name now is Lucy Cooper. She's living in a flat pretty close to us. Who would've thought she moved to America? I searched a little more and found out she is in a relationship and has two close friends who talk with her via email. I broke in to see what is Lucy like now and I found out she's not even in love with that guy. Good thing she decided to have her own flat.
    I turned to Mello to see him miserable and told him to come with me. He was confused. We got in the car and he asked me where are we going. I told him it's a surprise. When we reached the place I told him to go and knock at the certain door and he looked at me suspicious. I smiled to him and told him that Lucy lives there. His face lighted up. Life came back in his slender body. He asked me if I was serious and I told him that I swear if he still doesn't believe me. I told him I'll stay there and wait. Mello got out of the car and headed towards the building.
    He was in front of her door, extremely nervous. It was late at night and he thought he shouldn't wake her up, but he heard steps inside the flat. She wasn't asleep yet. He knocked and waited a moment and the door opened. Lucy gasped when she saw his intimidating outfit. She looked at his face and couldn't recognize it. It wasn't the same for Mello. She was more beautiful than before. "Lucy..." When Mello spoke she finally knew who he was.
    "Mello?!" She asked as she put her fingers over her mouth worried about him.
    "May I.. come in, please?" His eyes begged her. Of course she allowed him in.
    I don't know more than this, but I waited in the car about fifteen minutes and I got a message from Mello: "Don't wait for me." 
As I headed back to our place, I thought about what are they talking about, what are they doing, how much they missed each other. I bet Mello entered and couldn't keep his eyes off of her. She would look at him with worry in her eyes. I bet she asked "What happened to you?" and Mello would say "Do you have the time to allow me explain what I've been trough?". I bet she would make him sit on her bed, so she could look at him and slowly touch the dried scar. I bet she nursed him and Mello's eyes would burn with love for her. I bet he told her all the problems he had over the last years and how much he needed her affection. I bet Mello cried a little and she hugged him as she kissed his forehead to calm him down. I bet Mello couldn't take it anymore and started kissing her lips. She obeys and let him touch her whenever he wants to. From what I hacked, in her conversation with one of her friends she said she's still a virgin. If Mello is doing what I think he's doing, I hope he'll be gentle.
    He only came back the next day at 10 AM. He probably wanted to spend a bit of the morning with her. He came to me and thanked me. I'm glad I managed to make him smile at least once again. I think they exchanged numbers because every night at 2 AM I hear Mello talking and laughing on the phone. A couple weeks from when Mello visited her, in the morning, she called him. I listened to what Mello was saying and it seems Lucy is pregnant with him. After the big news, all the ten minutes they talked Mello kept saying "I'll be a father" and he smiled the whole day. He couldn't get that smile off his face and the whole day he walked around the flat very happy and energic.


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